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We’re Back! What to Expect at Your Bar

With event restrictions lifting and increased access to the COVID-19 vaccine, Irie is so thrilled to be back behind the cannabis bar! The events industry as a whole is chomping at the bit to get back out there and enjoy celebrating together - however - our long awaited comeback is not without some small adjustments to ensure that we party in a safe, sanitary and compliant way! As the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel looms, we’re implementing some fresh elements to the bar, and saying goodbye to some old!.

Familiar Smiles, but Under Masks

Our crew is ready to serve you with a smile, albeit those smiles will be covered by Irie branded masks for the time being. At Irie, the health and safety of our guests has always been our first priority, so we’ve added masks for our budtenders as standard to protect all of those who get irie with us! These small changes are hardly noticeable, but they make a massive difference to make sure the only thing we spread is good vibes!

No Shared Devices

Another way we’re protecting our guests and reducing unnecessary risks is by eliminating shared devices (ie: vaporizers and e-nails) as well as shared glass items such as bongs, pipes, and one hitters. Being bong girls ourselves, we know this sucks. But by eliminating these shared pieces, we reduce the risk of any water or air borne pathogens passing from person to person. This also helps us stay green by reducing waste from items that would need continuous cleaning and additional water.

Individual Servings

People in the canna-community know what a sharing based bunch we are, but for now we are opting for individual servings on the bar, such as these single-serve mini joints featured at our most recent event! Not only do these individual servings reduce cannabis waste and sharing, but they are the perfect size for everyone, from seasoned tokers to first timers. Cannabis veterans have the ability to sample all the varietals on the bar without risking overconsumption, while first timers can simply stop wherever they are feeling the best effect!

Social (Distance) Time

Irie will be remaining loyal to the six foot rule we all have come to know and expect for now. We aim to always set up our bar in an open air environment, and when not possible we are limiting the capacity and allowing for ample space between partaking patrons. While we hope that the majority of folks attending events this year will be vaccinated, we are operating with an abundance of caution so that everyone can be included at elevated gatherings.

Whether you’re getting your postponed wedding back on the calendar, going big for a birthday or planning a post-pandemic dance party, team Irie is here to safely take your event to new heights.

Love. Smoke. Be Irie.


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