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5 Ways to Make Your Event Cooler

There are many ways to make your event cooler - in every sense! The word cool has taken on multiple meanings, from temperature to popularity. As summer heats up, let’s break down ways to make your events the coolest. These tips will have your guests going home talking about how incredibly chill their time was.

1. Mind the HEAT

Summer is a hot time for events - quite literally! With many popular gathering spots averaging temperatures of 90°, an important part of planning your event is considering how much sun and heat your guests will endure. Here are some tips for keeping your party cool and comfortable.

  • Attire: This counts for everyone, AKA your bridal party! Don’t be that couple who has a wedding in the middle of July with groomsmen sweating and bridesmaids fainting from how hot their outfits are. Heat stroke is no joke! Open, flowy dresses provide for more movement and airflow, while a nice vest and shorts combo can be as sharp as any tux. Be sure to give attending guests a head’s up about the weather so everyone focuses on you, not how sweaty they are.

  • Prepare for Sun: Is your event on a rooftop or venue with limited to no shade? Consider options such as shade cloths, misting stations, and temporary structures such as pop ups for your guests to gather around. Handheld fans and mini sunscreen bottles make perfect gifts that are both useful and customizable!

  • Stay Hydrated: Making sure that your guests stay cool and hydrated is the most responsible way to party, especially when serving cannabis and/or alcohol at your event! Consider setting up hydration stations around your event so guests can easily acquire some H2O. Spruce it up a bit with some lemon, mint and cucumber for a refreshing infused option.

2. Make Your Event Eco-Friendly

Making conscious decisions to ensure your event is sustainable is possibly the coolest thing you can do in Mother Nature’s eyes. Not only will you be remembered for your eco-friendly efforts, you’ll also help make events possible for future generations! Many of the traditional party decor, favors, and utensils that bring joy to guests end up in landfills, where they don’t break down for hundreds of years. Do your part in making a change by utilizing reused, recycled, and compostable materials. Go for live potted centerpieces over cut flowers, or consider glass containers over plastic. Another way to help repurpose is to donate! Donating food waste to local organic farms for compost as well as any unopened usable food to shelters or community pantries are great ways to give back.

3. Have a Weed Bar

One of the easiest ways to ensure your event is the talk of the town? Hire a cannabis consumption bar! Not everyone loves alcohol, and even those who do are still fans of cannabis. A common myth is that having cannabis at your event means you’re having a cannabis event. Not true! It’s a unique conversation piece that adds to the fun vibes of any gathering without having to be the overwhelming theme. Be sure to hire an insured company like Irie Weddings & Events to ensure your guests have a safe and fun time. First time smokers are more open to trying cannabis when it’s at an event with knowledgeable people to guide their experience. And when you hire professionals such as the Irie Team, you take the added stress of regulations, compliance, and safety surrounding the bar off of yourself so that you too can enjoy the libations!

4. Make Way for Inclusivity/Accessibility

In 2021, inclusivity and accessibility is a major topic, and for good reason! All guests want to feel included, catered to, and comfortable at the events they attend. It’s simple to add small inclusions that will make a big impact. For example, private genderless bathrooms may not seem like a big decision, but go a long way in making your non-binary and trans guests feel comfortable. Inclusivity goes outside of gender! Other ways to make your event experience equal for all is considering how disability-friendly your venue is, including: ramps, handrails, limited stairs, large doorways, and hearing assistance like interspersed speakers so music and announcements to be heard clearly by all.

5. Offer Cold & Creamy Treats

After a night of dancing (and sweating) under the stars, have your guests cool off with refreshing treat options! That chocolate cake just isn’t as satisfying when it’s 100° out. A sundae bar provides for a fun and interactive dessert experience, while adult alcoholic pops make for an easy walk-around treat. Other options include a root beer float station or a milkshake bar. Still want to eat cake? Try an ice cream cake! Or maybe a refreshing pie, like lemon or key lime. Here’s one more idea - ditch the baked goods and go for nature’s dessert, fruit. A colorful fruit board is cold and fresh while still curbing your sweet tooth.

Now that we’ve explored some of our favorite off-the-wall ways to make your event “cooler” this summer, it’s time for you to use these tips to throw safe, comfortable, and inclusive parties that will have your friends and family reminiscing for years to come about the fun - and not the summer heat!


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