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Cannabis or cannabis infused products are NOT included in any package or service


‚ÄčIrie Weddings & Events is a unique service provider that helps you navigate the twists and turns of having cannabis at your wedding.

Our team relieves the stress of over-consumption with hosted cannabis bars complete with a plethora of apparatuses and knowledgeable budtenders. Having served cannabis at hundreds of weddings and events, our staff members are the social cannabis consumption experts ready to help you have the best wedding ever!   


The wedding industry was a tough one to break into with plenty of stigma surrounding cannabis, but Irie strives for sophistication and moderation

which typically catches guests by surprise. The elegant presentation of the cannabis bar flows seamlessly with your big day and can even spark the courage for some of your guests to have their very first cannabis experience!


Irie continues to be a leading force in the cannabis space as well as setting standards for other 

wedding professionals with an emphasis on remaining classy and compliant when to comes to taking weddings and events to new heights.

Irie is currently the only company in the country to carry cannabis consumption liability insurance, which is comparable to liquor liability.   

Be Irie ever after.