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Education. Moderation. Elegance.

Just because you're having cannabis served at your event, doesn't mean it has to be cannabis themed. Our services emit sophistication and style as our knowledgable bartenders moderate serving sizes and educate attendees.

i·rie (eye·ree)

adjective: irie

  1. nice, good, or pleasing (used as a general term of approval).

    "the place is jumping with irie vibes"

Smaller servings. Bigger experiences.

Irie is your professional and approachable solution, ready to offer guidance, easy to understand answers and small serving sizes to your guests. Our "Low & Slow" approach prevents overconsumption and keeps guests coming back for more.

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1/2 g

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1+ g

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5 mg

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10+ mg



Irie is fully insured, 365,  24/7 and has filed ZERO claims.

300 +

First time consumers have tried cannabis with our team


Our staff is extensively trained for cannabis events

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Focused solely on our award winning service





Irie's main focus has always been the destigmatization of the cannabis plant. This can't be accomplished without also actively working to counteract the effects of prohibition, starting with our black, brown and indigenous brothers and sisters. To put our money where our mouth is, Irie donates 1% of it's sales to Cannabis Impact Fund.

Simple mission. Massive impact.

CIF's mission is to promote racial justice, heal the planet and support communities in need by leveraging a conscious cannabis sector.

Learn more about the incredible humans behind Cannabis Doing Good and all the amazing work they have accomplished in bridging the gap between the cannabis and nonprofit sectors. 


We hire experienced event and cannabis professionals across the country! Irie's amazing team of bartenders comes from a variety of backgrounds, but there's one common denominator: a passion for responsible cannabis education and consumption. Our staff is dedicated to creating a safe environment within your event to ensure all guests feel welcome and comfortable consuming and celebrating.

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Want to work with Irie? Live in a major city with recreational dispensaries and want to see Irie in your area? Fill out our quick careers form to get in touch!

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Bec's career in cannabis began with her job at a medical dispensary while she also ran a delivery-based floral business. This sparked a big idea: Cannabis Weddings. With a tenacious attitude and a saint-like amount of lot of grace, Bec established Colorado's first cannabis wedding specialist company along with the Cannabis Wedding Expo. Little did she know that in 5 short years she'd be running a national cannabis bartending company.



Chelsi's passion for cannabis advocacy started in Florida where she worked in the political and non-profit worlds to put medical cannabis on the 2014 ballot. She then moved to Colorado to expand her portfolio in the legal cannabis sector. Chelsi has over a decade of experience in the cannabis, marketing, event and entertainment industries. Her business ventures go beyond her work with Irie to include her own lifestyle brand and collaborative side projects.

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After many years of working for the medical marijuana program in Colorado, Madlyne left to pursue a career on the recreational side. She joined forces with Bec in 2016 to help create this new market in Colorado and expand Irie's reach across the country. Madlyne comes from a graphic design and web development background and has honed her skills as an entrepreneurial multi-hyphenate in the hemp, cannabis and consulting spaces with a passion for responsible social cannabis consumption.

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