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420 Flashbacks

It seems like a lifetime ago that we were dishing out dabs and making dreams come true on 420. We all know that 2020 was a complete bust, but we have so many wonderful memories of 420’s past and it felt right to highlight some of the best.

Flashback #1: An (Unexpected) Wintery 420 Wedding

When two event professionals get married, it’s kind of a big deal, yall. Blue and Alden’s wedding was no exception. This gem of a woman made her own wedding dress which transformed into a jumpsuit fit for the red carpet. Their guests were dressed to the 9’s at a small venue nestled in the mountains. We all know rain on your wedding day is good luck, but what about snow?! Just before it was time to line up for the ceremony, soft snow started to fall. Blue and Alden held everything together throughout a very stressful day and their wedding is one of our favorites to date.

Flashback #2: The Annual Cannabis Brunch To End All Brunches

Every year, Mason Jar Event Group has managed to out-do themselves with oh-so-tasty expertly cannabis-paired brunches following a wonderful group yoga flow and joints galore. The live music was always so perfectly suited to the event’s overall vibe and pace. And the food...YALL… the food from top-level chefs at restaurants like The Regional and River + Woods is some of the best we’ve ever had (and we love to eat… like a lot). Irie is honored to be an OG alongside the MJEG family in the cannabis events industry and 420 lifted yoga sessions will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Flashback #3: This Is The 420 That Never Ends

A 420 way back in Irie's early days had 3 different events in one city in one day who needed our help. And one of those events took place at multiple locations. It was one of the longest days we’ve ever worked and it felt like it was never going to end, even at 1:30am with lines still at the doors. We were waaay too busy to snap any selfies or promo shots and we’d rather erase it from our memories anyway. Instead, here’s a photo of our founders meeting Farva from Super Troopers as we were all staying at the same hotel during the filming of Super Troopers 2. See? Way cooler memory.

Flashback #4: Nora + William: The Honorary 420 Wedding

Alright, so technically Nora and Wiliam got married on the 27th because 420 that year fell on Easter and they didn’t want their guests to feel torn between attending heir wedding and spending time with their families. But their wedding was so friendly, we set up 2 cannabis bars to accommodate their guests with cannacocktails and joints all night long! With 16 (yes, you read that right 16!) first time consumers, their wedding is one we won't soon forget!

From all of us here at Irie Weddings & Events, we’re wishing you a happy 420 and a safe 2021 wedding and event season!

Love. Smoke. Be Irie.


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