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Top 5 Ways to Add Weed to Your Wedding In Any State

Any canna-couple planning a wedding knows it can be difficult to decide how best to incorporate Mary Jane into their big day! With various social circles colliding there can be many opinions about cannabis and it can feel like an overwhelming task to seamlessly integrate your love of the plant into your wedding in ways that will be palatable for all guests. Don’t worry! We’re here to show you that there are easy, safe, and legal ways to add weed to your wedding in any state, and they are as unique and versatile as Mary Jane herself!

1. Cocktails Infused with CBD and/or THC

When you start planning a wedding, one of the top items on the list is the bar. Having a bar stocked with the perfect signature cocktail is a pivotal part of any couples special day. Put a modern cannabis spin on a familiar wedding element with infused simple syrups, like the Lemon Lavender CBD Simple Syrup by our friends at Backyard Soda Co. featured in this cocktail recipe! Guests who aren’t too familiar with cannabis are open to trying new experiences with cannabis when it is accompanied by something they are familiar with- so infusing drinks is the easiest and most inclusive way to add weed to your wedding!

2. Floral Arrangements

Flowers - they add so much to any event, but they are a major player in the wedding game. They also present a wonderful opportunity to inject even more of your unique personality and interests into your special day! Cannabis is no exception to this, being a flower itself - this means limitless ways to add cannabis into your floral decorations. Everything from the bouquet to boutonnieres to the center pieces can have a touch of canna elegance. You also have the option of incorporating dried, fresh, and faux cannabis elements into your pieces for different flare.

3. CBD Recovery Kit

There’s no better way to show your friends and family how much you care about them with a simple CBD care package. Weddings are inherently stressful on the mind and body - drinking, dancing, traveling all take a serious toll! The wonderful thing about CBD is that there are so many different ways to pamper yourself inside and out! An extra added bonus to this option is that older generations are much more receptive to CBD, especially infused bath and body products! Our perfect goodie bag would include tincture, salve, and lip balm for ultimate portability for those that are traveling!

4. Hire Irie

Having Irie as a part of your wedding not only gives you a bud bar complete with knowledgeable and professional budtenders but it also gives you peace of mind. Irie is dedicated to bringing a safe, inviting, inclusive, and compliant time for all. Our experienced staff can give detailed and personalized recommendations to each guest so that everyone has the best time possible! Not to mention that having your own bud bar is a wonderful conversation starter during and after the event. Not in a legal state? Consider a CBD bar with hemp flower or CBD cocktails!

5. Decor

Decor is another area of a wedding that the couple has infinite freedom and creativity over, and a perfect place to add a touch of cannabis even if you aren’t in a legal state! In states with legal access, the sky is the limit for including dried, fresh, and faux cannabis concepts into every aspect of your decorations. You can even decorate with nugs on your cake, and add leaves and buds into jaw dropping centerpieces. If you are in a non-legal state, you can easily add faux elements and hemp elements together to create a similar effect throughout your reception.

We hope you enjoyed these fun and creative ways to incorporate cannabis into your next wedding or event! Subscribe to our email list to stay in the know on everything cannabis events.


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