Irie Empowers

When we named our business Irie years ago, we thought it showed appreciation for a word that describes a sense of pleasure and happiness. Recently, we were informed that even a well intentioned use can be a version of cultural appropriation.

Irie's core team believes we’re responsible for not only changing our opinion - but also our actions - when presented with new information.


Stay tuned for updates on how Irie will empower organizations, legislative efforts and everyday people in Jamaica, the country where our name originated. 

Your Cannabis Bar Does Good

Irie's main focus has always been destigmatizing the consumption of the cannabis plant. This mission cannot be accomplished without also acknowledging and actively working to reverse the effects of the war on drugs on communities of color. In order to put our money where our mouth is, Irie is donating 1% of it's sales to Cannabis Impact Fund.

Their mission is simple, but massive.

To promote racial justice, heal the planet and support communities in need by leveraging a conscious cannabis sector.

Learn more about the incredible humans behind Cannabis Doing Good and all the amazing work they have accomplished in bridging the gap between the cannabis and nonprofit sectors. 

Annual Fundraising Events

Servicing events with cannabis bars is our bread and butter but once a year, Irie hosts an event which generates a substantial financial donation for a selected charity.

Since 2014, Irie has donated to organizations who provide education, resource and services to our local communities with a special focus on women's health. So far, Irie has raised over


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