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Irie's budtenders come from a variety of backgrounds and locations, but the common denominator among our staff is a passion for responsible social cannabis consumption. Our team is dedicated to creating a safe environment within your event to ensure all guests feel welcome and comfortable consuming and celebrating!

Chelsi Katz

Chelsi Katz

Chelsi Katz

Director of Marketing

Chelsi is a multi-passionate creative, advocate, influencer and dog mom aiming to have a positive effect on the earth. She brings with her years of experience generating high-dollar marketing initiatives in the recreational cannabis space with a true heart. Chelsi's skills go beyond her work with Irie to include her own lifestyle brand and collaborative side projects.

Director of Sales

Melissa Leffingwell

Melissa has nearly 20 years of sales, marketing and coaching background in the Natural Products and CPG industry with an emphasis and passion for herbal and plant medicine - which led her into the Cannabis space.  She transitioned her career to Cannabis in 2018 and led a Colorado-based Vape brand to a national level.  She comes to Irie through community connections and is excitedly ready to expand the future of Cannabis being an open and accepted and safe option for classy and sophisticated socializing for all.

Bec's career in cannabis began with her job at a medical dispensary while she also ran a delivery-based floral business. This sparked a big idea: Cannabis Weddings. With a tenacious attitude and a saint-like amount of lot of grace, Bec established Colorado's first cannabis wedding specialist company. Little did she know where it would be in just 5 short years, re-branded and serving couples in multiple states.

Bec Koop


Madlyne Kelly



After many years of working for the medical marijuana program, Madlyne left to pursue a career on the recreational side. She joined forces with Bec in 2016 to help create this new market in Colorado and expand Irie's reach across the country. With a passion for compliance and responsible social consumption, Madlyne has made it her life's mission to make couples feel accepted and celebrated.

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