Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Irie's staff look like?

Our budtenders are a diverse group of men and women from across the country that all have one thing in common: they have a passion for  safe cannabis consumption. Irie staff wear professional, stylish and clean all black uniforms. If you'd like to provide us with branded t-shirts or pins for your event, we can do that too!

2. What does Irie provide?

Irie brings cones for packing mini-joints, signage and matches for sparking up! In addition to different consumption options, our super-knowledgeable staff will be there to guide your guests through their first cannabis experience or help the seasoned consumers select an old favorite. 

Irie also brings an adverse-reaction kit just in case one of your guests is not feel so hot after trying a certain item from the bar. Our budtenders can use the different items in this kit to help them find balance again and start to lessen the effects of the cannabis. 

Irie DOES NOT provide cannabis or cannabis infused products. All flower and infused items must be purchased from a licensed, retail dispensary. 

3. Why does Irie not provide the cannabis or infused products?

It's illegal! But alcohol bartenders can include alcohol with their packages? We know, silly right? But without being a fully licensed dispensary or delivery service, cannabis can't be included as a part of our service.

4. How do I book my event date?

Booking is super simple! Just follow these 3 steps:

        1: Make sure your venue is cannabis friendly.

        2: Have your free phone consultation with Irie to chat about your event. 

        3: Pay your $250 deposit to secure your date!

5. My guests are cannabis pros, why should I book Irie?

We know for some of your guests, this ain't their first rodeo. They can handle a glass of wine and a mini-joint, no problem. But just as you hire a bartending service to ensure no one hurts themselves or others by over-consuming, responsibly sized servings of cannabis and a team who has your back are essential to you remaining stress-free during your event. Plus, everyone loves to be spoiled once in a while! A high-end cannabis bar is that unique service you've been searching for to wow your guests with.

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